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Because of this pandemic, scammers have set up shop everywhere, and nobody is 100 percent safe. Our goal is to assist you in learning how to protect yourself from the number one crime in America, Identity Theft. 

We focus on current scams that you should be aware of right now. Here, you will find links to educational material about these scams so you know what to look out for.

Learn how to fight back against telemarketers and robocalls  

Print .gov instructions here

Government Covid Relief Program Scam

Military Imposter Scam

The Real Estate Scam

Scams & Safety FBI Website

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Need help resolving your domestic dilemma?  Yes!

How well is your child prepared for college student predators?

                 College Students and Identity Theft

Do you know how to detect a scam?

(IDENTITY THEFT is the fastest growing crime in America!  Do you even know what the current scams are?)


Do you know how to detect deception?

(Would you know it if someone is lying to you?)

Do you know how to conduct a background check (at no cost) on potentials? including: employees, love interests, and contractors who enter your homes and businesses.

Based on her knowledge, skill, and experience, Cheryl is viewed as an expert in her field by peers and clients alike. Cheryl's ability to strategize and creatively solve problems has helped thousands of clients in her 30 years of experience. According to her, "it's a challenging, productive, and enjoyable art form that will be helpful in my next career and allow me to continue to help others as well." Learn more about Cheryl here


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