Have a PI "Party"

It's NOT that kind of party.  It's more like an intervention.


A PI party is a small private and confidential group session to discuss topics relevant to the individuals in that group.  


Cheryl spends time with you and your group advocating for your cause.  Using her expertise and years of experience in her field, Cheryl offers direction, resources, and group discussions to resolve the issue at hand.  This lessens your confusion when navigating through the steps in order to achieve your goal.

Group Size: 3-8                      Cost: Hourly plus additional costs incurred during session  (call for rates)

Example: Domestic Abuse


Jane has been living with her boyfriend for over two years now.  He is verbally abusive and treats her like crap.  She wants to leave him but doesn't have the emotional strength.  This has been affecting her performance at work and her health. Her family and core group of friends are concerned for her well-being.  She won't listen to us.  We need your help and expertise with this domestic emotional abuse matter based on your personal experience and professional experience in this field. We need to know how we can help our friend so she doesn't get hurt anymore by this jerk.  She needs to hear what you have to say.  We are asking for your help with advocacy and whatever else you can offer. Thank you so much.-Paul S.

Group size: 8

Time Spent: 4 hours

Example: Long Lost Relative


We want to find a cousin we have not heard from in ages.  He is somewhere on the east coast and has not been able to find him ourselves.  We know there are private investigators who help people find their long lost relatives.  Can you help us?-Donna M.


Group Size: 4

Time Spent: 2 hours including reunion

Additional Cost Incurred: locate service fee

Example: Single Ladies and Dating


We are a group of single ladies who can't seem to navigate our way around the online dating scene. Most of the guys my friends have met are either frauds or don't know the first thing about dating. We are a group of professional women who are established in life.  We are in our thirties and while some of us have never been married before and the other few are divorced and don't want to make the same mistake twice.  


We would like to invite you to meet with us to discuss alternative options and safe ways to meet people online.  In other words, what are the do's and don't of dating online and what are the red flags we should watch out for.  


We aren't getting any younger and some of us still want to have children.  Please hurry and call me back so we can get you on the schedule.


Thank you-Glinn R.

Group size: 7

Time Spent: 3 hours