The 3 D's

You Need 

To Succeed!

There are three attributes we need in order to succeed in life whether at home, work, or school.  As unbelievable as it seemed nine years into my career and unprepared, no matter how experienced I was in life, the humiliation as a victim of a crime was not going to destroy me or my career as a Licensed Private Investigator.   Join me on my journey as I discovered the 3 D's that took me from ordinary to the top of my game.  


The first "D" is DETERMINATION and is not something we are born with but find when we dig deep enough.  The second "D" is DISCIPLINE and is a learned behavior that we are all capable of within time.  The third "D" is the ultimate gift that requires an introduction and is my pleasure to offer to you through my presentation of The 3 D's You Need To Succeed!


I strive to help people learn the strategies that will empower them in personal and professional social situations.  Using true stories from my case log, facts, and professional investigative techniques that everyone should know how to use, my audiences walk away feeling determined, disciplined, and that third D that requires an introduction.

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