Dates and Times for Cheryl's Classes and Seminars

June 5th - Social Safety and Covid

June 12th - Investigation Basics

June 26th - Don't Lose Your Identity to the Pandemic: Identity Theft II ***

July 17th - Investigation Basics

July 31 - Identity Theft 

August 7th - Investigation Basics

September 25th - Identity Theft

October 16th - Social Safety and Covid

December 4th - Investigation Basics

***Experience an educational experience that explores the changes caused by the pandemic in the development of identity theft. In the age of the criminal, their playground has expanded through the channels and platforms we are vulnerable to every second of every day. Gain knowledge on international criminals who are working-class citizens in their foreign communities who will do whatever it takes to put food on the table and learn about local criminals who are finding ways to get their hands into your pockets. Due to the scam's realistic nature and difficulty in detection, businesses, hospitals, education institutions, and the general public who rely on these services are at risk. Unfortunately, scams prey on the vulnerable, single and looking, college students, and the elderly, and through the pandemic, it is only by becoming educated and staying one step ahead of these threats that you can protect your identity and bank accounts. 

College campus has reopened and some classes will be held on campus. Please check the description of your selected course to verifiy whether your selection is in person or online. 

You can sign up for classes at this link:

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